From planning to handover procedures:

  • The workpiece or 2D drawing is obtained from the customer, and the engineer will model it in 3D. According to the shape, size, and weight of the workpiece, plan the workpiece capacity of the tray and the cabinet; plan and design the workpiece gripper according to the processing requirements, and design the flipping device if it is AB surface processing. Then, according to the planning content, a briefing material is produced to provide customers with an assessment of whether it meets the processing needs.
  • After the order is established and the equipment is assembled, the simulation machine test is connected in the factory to confirm that the loading and unloading action of the manipulator meets the requirements.
  • The equipment is transported to the customer’s factory, connected with the actual machine tool, and the actual workpiece processing test is carried out. After each operation is completed, the acceptance is closed.